the real surprise here is Anton Cosmo that steps into my universe like a new guitar hero and stands right next to six string majesties such as Dave Navarro, Ronni Le Tekro, Nuno Bettencourt and Reb Beach!
One of my favorite albums of 2010! |

There’s a new flavor to this CD,” says Tom Scholz, Boston’s multi-instrumentalist, producer and principal songwriter Anton impressed Scholz with his rhythm guitar playing on a demo Rollingstone magazine | Courtesy of Colin Devonish

Ive always looked for somebody else to contribute, reveals Scholz. I literally stumbled onto Anton Guitar Player | Courtesy of Michael Molenda

The Casting Album ****
by CandyMan
Love all the songs, pure magic

Rockin my musical taste buds ****
by Dancing and Sound
Awesome AC. I didn’t consider myself a rock fan before listening to the music, but I’m exploring it now! Every time I hear it I get more addicted and find new subtleties Can’t wait for his new music!

Modern rock revolution ****
by Erik J. Ware
I was aware of Anton thru his work with BOSTON and COSMO, his music belongs on RADIO, TV SHOWS ect. Just really solid songs. He deserves the attention!

An instant favorite! ****
by L Hud
Anton has completely knocked my socks off with his music. Holy Toledo batman! Amazing is quite the understatement. Can you say iPod-Playlist- Repeat!

A must have ****
Miss PUR
This Album is a must-Have! Anton’s voice is strong and powerful, and the lyrics are personal. His music is quickly becoming my favorite in my car, at work and at a party.

WOW! ****
Absolutely awesome music. More talent in one album that can be found in hundreds combined. Fantastic voice, writing from the heart and music you can’t get enough of. If you have speakers like the klipsch you will not be able to turn this record off,it’s incredible.